photo of John Huynh, Mortgage Broker

John Huynh

Mortgage Broker

John Huynh, a mortgage broker based in Victoria, BC, has always been driven by his passion for helping people save money through education and streamlining complex processes. His journey began when he earned a Bachelor of Arts degree from Simon Fraser University and subsequently joined the federal government in 2004. Over the years, he gained valuable experience working in Vancouver, Toronto, Ottawa, and Victoria, where he became well-versed in the federal government’s relocation guidelines for its employees.

John’s foray into the real estate industry commenced when he secured his initial mortgage through Mortgage Architects. Now, he has come full circle and is a dedicated mortgage broker with Mortgage Architects.

Growing up as the child of immigrants in Canada, John witnessed the challenges his parents faced in navigating the path to home ownership. They often relied on generic advice from banking representatives, which proved to be incomplete or inaccurate. He, too, encountered subpar mortgage advice in his personal experience and had to search extensively for a knowledgeable mortgage broker.

Additionally, the post-transaction customer service was lacking. John is enthusiastic about simplifying the mortgage process, particularly in light of the increasing complexity introduced by lenders. There are numerous factors to consider when securing a mortgage, and it all begins with choosing the right mortgage broker. He is committed to guiding clients through this intricate landscape to ensure they make informed decisions when buying or refinancing their homes.